Pagani Zonda R (2009 - 2012)

In 2009, Pagani presents the ultimate Zonda in the Geneva Motor Show (Switzerland).

The Zonda R is the answer to the request a customer made to Horacio asking him for a Zonda he could unleash all its potential from in the track, the R is a racetrack monster that's not road legal.

Most of the parts are new compared to the F and it supposes Pagani's biggest exercise of research and development to date. All the body panels are new, it's 45 cm (17 inches) longer and 160 kg (132 lb) lighter than the F.
It's the first ever automobile that uses Carbotanium in its construction, a composite material patented by Pagani consisting in a combination of sheets of titanium and carbon fiber and that in the R is applied to shape the central chassis monocoque and represents a weight saving of 20 kg (44 lb).

Among the race equipment there is a full anti-roll cage, fire extinguisher, lighter polycarbonate windows, magnesium monoblock wheels mounted Pirelli P Zeros specifically built for the R, a 12 position adjustable traction control system and a fully adjustable race suspension and massive rear wing.

On the outside it contains a number of aerodynamic attachments that, combined with the rear wing, the diffusers and the flat bottom achieve an incredible downforce of 1500 kg (3300 lb) at 300 km/h (186 mph).
On the roof it debuts a snorkel-style cooling scoop for the renewed V12 to be able to breathe in all the air it needs.

In the interior there are also a big number of changes, like the FIA-approved racing bucket seats complying with the HANS standard, the center console filled with switches or the digital speedometer with chronometer and many other track features.

Mechanically the R is a true revolution for Pagani. For the first time it features an automatic gearbox, specifically a 6-speed sequentially-operated manual one with paddles behind the wheel capable of shifting gears in 20 milliseconds.
The Mercedes-Benz AMG V12 is a 6 liter version capable of revving to 8500 rpm and it expels its gasses through a hydro-formed quadruple exhaust in Inconel.

In July 2010, one of the 15 units produced beat the record for the time in the German track of Nürburgring Nordschleife for production cars with a time of 6:47.48.

Zonda R

Production type :

Limited edition

Drive wheel type :

Rear wheel drive

Chassis materials :

Carbon fiber - Titanium

Body materials :

Carbon fiber

Body shape :

Two seater racecar

Road legal :


Acceleration :

(0-100 km/h)

2.7 sec

Top speed :


Engine layout :

Mid engined longitudinal

Specific power :

701 hp per tonne

Weight :

1070 kg

Dimensions :


4886 mm / 2014 mm / 1141 mm

Wheelbase :

2785 mm

Fuel consumption :

(l/100 km)


Fuel tank :


Autonomy :



Internal code :


Displacement :

6l (5987 cm³)

Type :

Naturally aspirated V12 60º

Number of valves :

48 (4 per cylinder)

Max. power :

750 hp (552 kw) @ 8500 rpm

Max. torque :

710 nm @ 5700 rpm

Max. Rpm :


Specific output :

125 hp per litre


  • Front

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :


  • Rear

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :



Type :


Number of gears :



Manufacturer :


Model :

P Zero Zonda R

Type :


Front dimensions :

255 / 35 / R19

Rear dimensions :

335 / 30 / R20