Pagani Zonda 760RS (2012)

The ultimate evolution of the road-going Zondas is the 760 platform. It gathers all the innovations developed so far in Pagani.
The first unit developed is the 760RS, commissioned by a Chilean entrepreneur.

The exterior of the 760s takes over from where Cinque left off, although it too combines elements from the Tricolore like the daytime running lights (DRL).
The most notorious novelty is the carbon fiber fin introduced by the R Evolution which links the rear end of the roof-mounted air scoop with the rear wing.
The other new elements are the cover located under the exhaust that covers the new gearbox, slightly bigger than the ones used before, the second winglet on the front side and the little extensions of the front wheel arches, that, due to the increase in with of the front end, are needed to completely cover the wheels.

The 760RS shows all the polished carbon fiber of its body, with some silver details like the horizontal stripe that divides the body or the brake calipers that bite the carboceramic discs.

The mechanic changes are also notable, the power of the V12 is increased towards an incredible 760 hp (750 bhp), over 100 hp per liter, a remarkable achievement for a naturally aspirated engine.
This is achieved, among other things, by increasing the redline towards the 8000 rpm, 500 more than before.
The gearbox is a sequentially-actuated robotized manual like before, only now it has 7 gears.
The Zonda 760s have an even more extreme character than the Cinque, they're true race cars for the street.

Zonda 760RS

Production type :

One off

Drive wheel type :

Rear wheel drive

Chassis materials :

Carbon fiber - Titanium

Body materials :

Carbon fiber

Body shape :

Two seater supercar

Road legal :


Acceleration :

(0-100 km/h)

2.6 sec

Top speed :

350 km/h

Engine layout :

Mid engined longitudinal

Specific power :

628 hp per tonne

Weight :

1210 kg

Dimensions :


4440 mm / 2006 mm / 1014 mm

Wheelbase :

2730 mm

Fuel consumption :

(l/100 km)


Fuel tank :


Autonomy :



Internal code :


Displacement :

7.3l (7291 cm³)

Type :

Naturally aspirated V12 60ΒΊ

Number of valves :

48 (4 per cylinder)

Max. power :

760 hp (559 kw) @ 8000 rpm

Max. torque :

779 nm @ 4500 rpm

Max. Rpm :

8000 rpm

Specific output :

104 hp per litre


  • Front

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :


  • Rear

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :



Type :


Number of gears :



Manufacturer :


Model :

P Zero

Type :


Front dimensions :

255 / 35 / R19

Rear dimensions :

335 / 30 / R20