Pagani Zonda Kiryu (2015)

The origin of the Zonda Kiryu is a little different to that of most other Paganis, it's a one-off, but unlike others, it wasn't built for any concrete customer, but for for the official Pagani distributor in Japan, a garage called Bingo Sports. Horacio specified the car himself and called it Kiryu, a mechanical Japanese dragon.
As a trade-off to opt to this privilege, Horacio demanded Bingo Players that, once in their premises, the Zonda must be exposed for at least six months, without being moved or sold during this time.
Currently the Kiryu is for sale.

It's a roadster based in the 760 platform. The upper part of the body has been applied a marine blue lacquer over the carbon fiber that lets the weave of the material it's been applied to to be seen through. The rest of the body and pieces like the rear spoiler and diffuser go in polished carbon fiber.
Other details to highlight are the wheel nuts, painted red, the brake calipers, on the same hue as the body or the little rings that surround the three rear lights, in a lighter hue. Like the 760 VR, the Kiryu has an extension of the ring that surrounds the four exhausts.

With the roof detached, it's easy to admire the beautiful interior, filled with pieces upholstered in bi-tone blue.

Zonda Kiryu

Production type :

One off

Drive wheel type :

Rear wheel drive

Chassis materials :

Carbon fiber - Titanium

Body materials :

Carbon fiber

Body shape :

Two seater supercar roadster

Road legal :


Acceleration :

(0-100 km/h)

2.6 sec

Top speed :

350 km/h

Engine layout :

Mid engined longitudinal

Specific power :


Weight :


Dimensions :


4440 mm / 2006 mm / 1014 mm

Wheelbase :

2730 mm

Fuel consumption :

(l/100 km)


Fuel tank :


Autonomy :



Internal code :


Displacement :

7.3l (7291 cm³)

Type :

Naturally aspirated V12 60º

Number of valves :

48 (4 per cylinder)

Max. power :

760 hp (559 kw) @ 8000 rpm

Max. torque :

779 nm @ 4500 rpm

Max. Rpm :

8000 rpm

Specific output :

104 hp per litre


  • Front

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :


  • Rear

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :



Type :


Number of gears :



Manufacturer :


Model :

P Zero

Type :


Front dimensions :

255 / 35 / R19

Rear dimensions :

335 / 30 / R20