Pagani Huayra Lampo (2017)

The Huayra Lampo (Italian for lightning), is a tribute to another very special Italian automobile, the 1954 Fiat Turbina (Italian for turbine).

The Turbina is a prototype powered by a gas turbine capable of reaching 250 km/h (155 mp/h), an absurd speed for the time.

Mechanically the Lampo has no changes compared to a regular Pacchetto Tempesta.

The exterior however, is rather different than other Huayras' to date. For the first time, Pagani decided to collaborate with design house Garage Italia to execute the aesthetics of the car.

The exterior is painted in a similar scheme than the Fiat's, with a peal white base adorned with orange-red carbon fiber details such as the complete lower parts of the body and the roof, or the front and rear flaps as well as some lightnings spread throughout the body, like the three small ones in the side mirrors and the brake calipers painted with the colours of the Italian flag or the two dark green ones in the engine cover.

The interior is equally surprising, upholstered in a combination of coppery red leather with parts in a chess board-like scheme with red and white squares, which perfectly combine with the aluminium and carbon fiber that compose the rest of the pieces.

Huayra Lampo

Production type :

One off

Drive wheel type :

Rear wheel drive

Chassis materials :

Carbon fiber - Titanium

Body materials :

Carbon fiber

Body shape :

Two seater supercar

Road legal :


Acceleration :

(0-100 km/h)

3.2 sec

Top speed :


Engine layout :

Mid engined longitudinal

Specific power :

544 hp per tonne

Weight :

1343 kg

Dimensions :


4605 mm / 2036 mm / 1169 mm

Wheelbase :

2795 mm

Fuel consumption :

(l/100 km)

15 l/100 km

Fuel tank :

85 l

Autonomy :

567 km


Internal code :


Displacement :

6l (5980 cm³)

Type :

Twin turbo charged V12 60º

Number of valves :

36 (3 per cylinder)

Max. power :

730 hp (537 kw) @ 5800 rpm

Max. torque :

1000 nm @ 2250 rpm

Max. Rpm :


Specific output :

122 hp per litre


  • Front

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :


  • Rear

    Type :


    Disc diameter :

    380 mm

    Disc material :

    Carbon ceramic

    Number of pistons :



Type :


Number of gears :



Manufacturer :


Model :

P Zero Corsa

Type :


Front dimensions :

255 / 30 / R20

Rear dimensions :

335 / 25 / R21